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Thoughts And Musings Of A Sick Woman Stumbling Her Way Through Motherhood, Work, Relationships, And The Existential Crisis That Is Life

Who am I and what’s all this about?

Hello all and welcome to the personal diary of a sick mummy who is shambling through motherhood as it slowly tries to kill her (and as of yet has been unsuccessful).

I love motherhood, it’s the best thing in the world. But good fuck whatever forces exist in the world are really making me work for it. This blog is my own personal diary and any views and opinions are entirely my own (I’m too opinionated to even pretend to share someone else’s opinions at any rate). I can imagine sometimes it will get serious, sad. Maybe even dark. But this blog is about sharing the lows and the highs, because when things are good, they’re outstanding.

Oh lord, now I need to describe myself. The whole Tinder Experience passed by me so I have utterly no idea how to do a punchy description about myself. So here are some bullet points because those always soothe me: